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France - Day 1 & 2

Today I arrived in France. I flew out with Northeast Youth Ballet who are out of Reading, MA . I have recently been doing a lot of work for them. I never seen myself doing anything like this when I started doing photography but it has been such a great experience. A lot of new people that I meet typically will ask me "well what type of photography do you do." As I have mentioned before in previous posts, there is no particular aspect of photography that I focus on. My main goal since I wanted to make something out of this was to always stay as versatile as possible. One day I could be shooting the skyline in the city, one day I could be doing portraits for a client, or some day you might find me in a restaurant taking picture of a delicious prepared meal for a new menu. I haven't posted much dance work in my portfolio as there is so much to learn. You can take the best photo in a photographers eyes but to someone that knows dance it could be the worst photo based on the technical parts of it such as foot placement. After a long process getting through customs at the Paris Airpot (CDG) we were transported in a coach bus to Château de Raray which is from the 17th century. The Château is about 45 minutes from Paris which has been the only challenging part. Unlike back home, on the outskirts everything in Raray is very secluded. It would take about 40 minutes just to get to a grocery store. The population here is only about 144 people. 

After we had settled in we were welcomed with a great dinner by the people of the Château and Raray. There was so much food including a delicious assortment of cheeses and wine. 

The following day we headed into Paris. For those of you reading this that follow my Facebook, I had briefly explained the experience already. As we got off the highway, still driving I was able to catch my first glimpse of the Eiffel Tower. That tower that I had always heard about and seen growing up but never imagined it being in front of my own eyes. In my other post I had touched on the fact how it is crazy to me how just a structure can be so inspiring and moving. We had eventually pulled up right next to the tower when we were getting off the bus. This was the time where I had a real good sense of accomplishment. I was able to put myself in a position where I was able to take advantage of this opportunity. I guess it was some re-assurance that hard work can definitely pay off. Every day I'm usually stuck walking around the Boston area and staring into the city through my viewfinder, something I'm used to everyday. This time I pulled my camera in front of my eye to see the Eiffel Tower. With my luck the tower has been closed since I arrived in France. With it being closed I haven't been able to make my way to the top of it or get a shot underneath it which is something I was really looking forward to. The architecture around the city was incredible. Transportation was way ahead of what I'm used to, all the cars brand new and everything was digital. Later that night we had went to the Paris Opera house to see a ballet performance. The impressive views had continued as I walked inside. My favorite part was the gold room which was completely covered wall to ceiling with gold architecture. Again, I would never picture myself sitting through a 2.5 hr ballet performance but one thing I've learned on this journey is to at least try to appreciate everything that you typically wouldn't.  Below are some of my photos I took throughout the day. I had an early morning photoshoot today so I had to get some sleep. I will be back to the city before I leave and be sure to check out everything I had missed out on. 

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