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What You Can Do With 1.5 Hours - Paris, France

We have been crazy busy these past few days with performances and photoshoots at the chateau. A few of the others here were going into Paris this morning to see the Paris Ballet. I took up the opportunity to wake up early and get a ride to the train station with them so I could spend a couple hours in the city since the first time I had went when we arrived, I wasn't able to see much. We left the Chateau at 8:30 AM to catch a train at about 9:15. The fog this morning was extremely intense and you could really only see what was in front of you. We ended up arriving in the city around 10:30 and had to be back at the station at 12:00 to get back for a performance at 4:00. On a side note, the show tonight seemed to go well. This performance was a Christmas gift to the people of the village here which we had close to the population in the room, which is crazy to think about. 

When I walked out of the train station I figured it would be fairly easy to get around but it was more challenging than I had thought. I was limited on time so I just took what was in front of me. I ended up getting on one of those "hop on hop off all day" busses with no intention of where it was heading. I wanted to be able to spend some time at the Eiffel Tower since it opened back up and also check out Notre Dame, the Louvre, and Arc de Triomphe. After about 15 minutes on the bus I ended up giving up and figured I'd just take Uber since time was of the essence. I ended up going to the Eiffel Tower first and got dropped off underneath it. I ended up spending a lot of time here since I have been so mesmerized by it. By the time I checked the clock I only had an hour left and headed over to the Arc de Triomphe since it was fairly close. I walked around outside then wanted to go up to the top of it. I waited in the ticket line for about 10 minutes and then figured I'd just hop in the elevator and go check out the view quickly, take a few photos and leave. I was most definitely wrong, the elevator ride quickly turned into a nice leg day at the gym as I had to hike up about 20 flights of stairs. The few from the Arc was simply amazing. I took a photo there that is definitely my favorite photo that I have ever taken (featured below). After I had checked it out I grabbed another Uber and headed back to the train station. That pretty much ended my day. Within the short time I had I'm glad to have seen what I did. It's now once again midnight here and I have a photoshoot at 8AM so hopefully I'll get more than 2 hours sleep tonight!

Featured Photo: Arc De Triomphe

Hope you enjoy the photos below!


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