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Using Instagram Promotions to Grow your Business


For someone like myself, I’m consistently on a mission to stay up to date with things going on in the age where social media is so predominant. If you want to be successful with getting your brand out there to consumers it is crucial that you make sure the way You market your content is always up to speed whether you’re a large company or a small company. In 2016 there was about 48% of businesses using Instagram, by the end of 2017 it was estimated that just over 71% of companies got on board and used Instagram as one of their marketing strongpoints. With that statistic in mind it is also known that over 80% of Instagram users follow at least 1 business account on Instagram. I’m going to keep this blog post fairly short and simple and plan to follow up as I research more data and keep a close eye on new things being implemented to the app. 

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"The New Algorithm"

Towards the end of 2017 Instagram slowly rolled out a new algorithm to their posts and the Instagram world absolutely exploded. What did this mean? The average Instagram users posts were no longer getting the exposure they used to. That photo that you posted of you and your friends out in the city went from being shown to 99% of your followers now to about 10% of your followers. Aside from personal users, most businesses were relying on Instagram as the primary way to grow their business model and make sure their content was being seen by their targeted audience. Although this is a huge change continuing to develop, there are many useful tools provided by Instagram to gain that exposure back to your posts in more efficient ways. With growing a business comes many investments, and social media is going to be something that needs to be on that list of investments if you want to reach more potential clients. 


Running a Successful Campaign

Below I will break down a couple examples of promotions I ran along with the insights from them. At the time of running these promotions I had about 5,100 organic followers on my account. Keep in mind these are just brief examples I am providing. Results will vary depending on amount of organic followers and how much money is contributed to these campaigns. 

Photo: Matt Surette Productions

Photo: Matt Surette Productions

Kyrie Irving Campaign:

Timing is something that’s very important to gain interactions and if you time things right promotions can be even more beneficial to the business. I had captured this image of Kyrie Irving’s first time in front of the fans at a private practice at TD Garden. At this time Kyrie was a hot topic, he had just been traded to Boston and everyone was talking about him. If everyone’s talking about it then everyone wants to see it. This was a sign that if I did this right I could gain some serious attraction to my post.


Above is an image I put together to better explain the process of running the promotion. 

Step One:

Choose your Budget & Duration - This is going to determine the reach instagram will push out to its users. The more money you put into this, the more people will see your post. Instagram gives you a pretty decent estimate of how many people will be reached. For example if you put just $5 on your post they are saying, based on my current following that 585 - 1.5k people will see the photo. Keep in mind, there is no guarantee of a return on your investment but all it takes is the right person to see this ad and many doors could open for you. Along with the budget you see you can have the duration of the post to drag out over a customized period of time.

Step 2:

What is the objective of this campaign? - Instagram gives 3 options to chose from for your objective. "Get more profile visits" will have a button that will re-direct viewers to your Instagram profile. "Get more website visits" will direct viewers to your website that you enter and lastly "Reach People Near an Address" will target a given location to followers in that area.

Step 3: 

Choosing your Audience - In my opinion this is one of the most important parts of customizing your campaign. There is a statistic that says posts with a location get 79% better results. In my case for this "Kyrie Campaign" I targeted Boston but I also thought a bit outside the box and targeted followers in Cleveland, Ohio where Kyrie had been traded from. After your location you have your interests. Feel free to go crazy on this, any interest that may be involved in your photo or video add to this section to target the best audience. Lastly, chose your age and gender that you wish this post to be shown to.  You are now all set to send your promotion to Instagram for approval. Posts can take around 24 hours at most for approval. 

Now that you have launched your campaign the next step will be waiting till it is over to analyze how well it performed. 

The Return on your Investment

Below is an image showing the results of this promotion. 


In conclusion, I was pretty satisfied with the results from this promotion, I ran this for 1 day at a $20 dollar investment. 

Original Post Numbers (Organic Following)

Likes: 657

Comments: 18

Saves: 7

People Reached: 4,442

Promoted Post Numbers

Likes: 1,342

Comments: 32

People Reached: 6,852

After running campaigns these analytics provided by instagram can be extremely useful to reference before running another. I hope that this information can potentially help someone that is using Instagram as a tool for their business growth. 

If you have any questions or would like to chat about the topic please feel free to reach out to me with any feedback or additional things that you may know that I do not. 


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