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New Day, New Place - Senlis, France

Today, we were able to get away from the Chateau and head into another town close by called Senlis which is another commune in France. Fortunately the people here in Raray are very accommodating and got a bunch of others together with their cars to take us all to Senlis. The town is very different than what I'm used to back home. Rather than shopping at a mall everything you would want to shop for was all local business set up right on the streets, for anyone reading this from the Boston area it was along the lines of something like Faneuil Hall but much more elegant and more interesting to look at. There were lots of fresh food options available from different trucks. Seafood was very popular, a lot of fish and a ton of fresh produce. Some of the trucks had fresh meat and if you went to buy a chicken, the head was still attached to the body which was definitely different.  One of my favorite things that I saw was the Senlis Cathedral which was still active and has been there since 1191. All the architecture that was in there was again, very impressive to me.  

It seems as if everyday that I have been in France, something makes me proud that I do what I do. As we were walking around Senlis we had walked by a store front (pictured below 3rd photo in) and there was a picture on their door that I had taken of one of the dancers. This was an advertisement for the performance that Northeast was putting on in Raray this weekend. It really made me proud in the most humbling way that I am currently 3,345 miles away from home and some of my work is being displayed for people to see. 

One thing I've really enjoyed and appreciated while in France has been the vibe of the cafes. Normally at home you go to Dunkin' Donuts, Starbucks, etc and grab a coffee and get on with your day. Over here it's fun to see how its such a different lifestyle. People sit down and actually enjoy their coffee and have a chance to relax either during the start of their day or if they need a pick me up. 

The time change is one thing I still have not been adjusted to. It's now midnight as I'm typing this. Where I'm staying there are endless amounts of open fields so I'm going to head out for a bit and hopefully grab some star photos since it is a clear night. Tomorrow I'll be heading back into Paris and hope to take advantage of more that there is to offer. 

Hope you guys enjoy the photos below from my day in Senlis!




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