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It Doesn't Rain in Southern California - San Diego, CA


I'm not saying I live a perfect life. I'm not saying that my life is a ball of fun. Lately one of my biggest realizations from traveling was finding out truly what the finer things in life were. I'm not afraid to admit that back, not even a year ago I was that kid that had to buy all the latest and greatest things. Whenever I got something new I had to make sure I posted a picture of my latest purchase all over social media to let people know I had it. Im really starting to forget about those things completely, I was just in that mindset for so long that it was hard to overcome that feeling so quickly. Material things were the only things that made me feel like I was doing something right in life. I think back on it and realize it probably turned a lot of people off to me. Getting back to the point, my perception of "the finer things in life" drastically changed on this latest journey. I don't love those material things anymore, they don't make me feel the way they used to. I'm currently on a plane ride home from California and it was an amazing experience. Once again I don't think I live an amazing life but I wish more kids my age would take the time and experience some of the things that the world has to offer. My generation is more concerned about what they are going to be drinking on Friday night, compared to what place they are going to explore next. Nothing has ever compared to catching the sunset in California either way up in the hills or down by the pier. I spent a day in Ramona which had some amazing views of the mountains and it was hands down the best photo opportunity I have had so far. The next 2 days I had stayed at San Diego State with a friend from back home who was kind enough to host me and show me around. We had checked out some really cool spots in the San Diego area which are included in the photos below. We checked out a few spots in La Jolla, one of them being Mount Soledad which offered an overview of the entire area of San Diego and more. We spent some time at Sunset Cliffs. During the day there we jumped off the cliffs into the water which was surprisingly warm. At night we checked out the sunset here which clearly makes sense based on the name. The food here was up and down. It was only right to immediately stop at In and Out burger like your typical tourist would, but I wasn't too impressed with it. The best meal I had during my stay was definitely Hodads Burgers on ocean beach. I traveled with my friend Chris who has the same passion. Chris had a couple friends in the area so we split up for some time and linked up on the last night to explore some night visuals in the downtown area. Long story short, California was overall an amazing experience and I hope to travel out there again as soon as possible. As stated in my last blog post, I am in no way a writer so bear with me. In closure, take some time and go out to see what the world has to offer. Life is too short, especially these days.

Escape From Boston - Chicago, IL

AUGUST, 2015

I find myself being a little different than the rest of them. I find myself enjoying things most people don't. We're all different. As of late my passion for photography has grown tremendously. Just going to keep it brief and not going into to much detail here. Basically I'm on a mission to find myself and who I really am. To start this I hopped on the computer one night and booked 2 flights. My first stop was to Chicago, IL. This was my first time traveling completely alone with absolute no plan of where I was staying or what I was going to do when I landed. I'm really not the type to get nervous about anything like that, it was just more of the question "what am I possibly going to do with myself". When I got off the plane I ended up taking the subway into the city which is about an hour out from where the airport is. I did some research prior to my trip on a couple places with great views of the city. My first stop was to 360 Chicago which is a tower with an observation deck right by Lake Michigan. When I got to the top and looked out it was absolutely amazing what the skyline looked like. This is pretty much where it really hit home that this is what I wanted to do and pursue the passion. I did some more exploring around the city until later that day I ended up connecting at the airport with one of my moms friend who is also a photographer. I spent the 2 nights I was there with him and his wife. We had a great dinner and then went to see a local band at one of the bars in the area. I learned a lot from Shawn during my stay. We had some great conversations about photography. To finish off the trip we took a trip into the city to go take some more photos. During that time we were there, there was a protest of well over 1,000 people who were protesting about police brutality. I've always wanted to get the opportunity to photograph something like that and luckily that was it. Tonight we are going to see Santana in concert which I am pretty excited for. I'll be heading back to Boston tomorrow and then on Wednesday morning I will be leaving for California which I am extremely excited for. Don't judge any grammatical errors in this either lol but I hope to be posting more about my experiences in the future.

On a side note..if you have a passion, go out and get it. Don't listen to what people say and do what you have your mind set on. Anything is possible in today's world and I truly believe that.